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Siddika Demir

To mark the 2023 International Day for Women and Girls in Science we asked Siddika Demir, EWOB Executive Committee Member, Co-Founder and Chairwoman: if you could talk to your younger self, what would be …

Your number one advice to help her achieve her goals

Be true to yourself, be your authentic self.  Define success and happiness in your own terms and enjoy the journey; don’t just focus on that end goal.  Allow yourself to be surprised by and stay curious about what comes along your way in your personal and professional journeys. 

A rolemodel she can look up to

There are many great role models in all fields of STEM and beyond. The role models will change depending on where you are in your studies, career or life-long learning journey.  I had, and continue to have, great role models, starting with my mother, father, brother and sister (three engineers and one economist).

Read, interview, and listen to the role models you are curious about.  Everyone is unique, charts their own journey and defines success in their own terms.  Surrounding yourself with your cheering squad, tribe or your own board of directors is important and uplifting, so be inspired and inspire. And, there is always someone watching and looking up to you!

A challenge she will overcome

Eliminate self-doubt and being critical of yourself! 

One common belief she should ignore

That “it can not be done, you can not do it.” Oh yes, you can and you will.

A dream she shouldn’t give up on

Always believe in yourself, dream big and go after your dream in STEM. There may be setbacks, simply treat them as stepping stones to success. Remember, you are bound to soar high! And, I am cheering you on.

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