Who we are


A clear European focus based on transnational cooperation

  1. 1. Enrichment of European boards with more women and catalyzed by

  2. – More cross European mandates

  3. – Increasing boardroom diversity in line with boards’ needs

  4. – High level of ethics and values contributing to confidence and trust of shareholders and stakeholders

     2. Contribution at European level with

  5. – Efficiency of the “market” for board mandates

  6. – Corresponding added value in terms of better allocation of talents

     3. Dissemination throughout European boards of the best practices by

  7. – Contribution to upgrade the European level playing field in corporate governance

     4. Setting up services

  8. – Training, mentoring, coaching, exchange of practices favoring cross exchange of knowledge and experience

  9. – Contributing to the improvement of European human capital

     5. Contribution to strategic debate on European boards

  10. – For a better integration of balanced business models

  11. – Long term and short term, cost and non-financial competitiveness

  12. – In line with EU 2020 objective for a smart, inclusive, sustainable growth

Added value transfer at European level

A key objective of the Association is to create a platform of exchange and dissemination at European level in relation to the above added-value factors. As a result, the benefit to Europe as a whole will exceed that obtained at purely the national level.

Our Values


Innovation is a key success factor to create long-term differential advantages. A Board shall be the Innovation keeper to ensure that inside and outside innovation are captured by the management and serving corporate strategic interests.


This means sharing a vision and an action plan to meet the ambition of true involvement. The Board needs to perform its works and the quality of its decisions.


Inclusiveness creates an environment where opportunity exists for both genders to participate in Boards and advisory/decision making bodies as well as to contribute to the organization’s success. It also favors a business model rooted in co-creation of sustainable value with all stakeholders. A board shall ensure that inclusiveness is considered in designing the strategy and agreeing on the development projects.


Collective intelligence has become a key success factor for long-term performance and the efficiency of a Board depends very much on that.

Intangible Values

These values include human capital, innovation and creativity, IPR, know-how and experience; not to forget long term relationship with clients, shareholders and stakeholders, efficient processes and high level of governance. Intangible capital is becoming a major source of competitiveness and the key to a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. A board is to ensure that these assets are taken into account as a clear priority, in strategy, investments and financing policies, risk management, financial reporting and business communication.


Integrity in behavior of staff and management builds trust and long-term relationships with stakeholders and strengthens credibility and growth of the organization. A Board shall be a role model of integrity.


A Board has a key role in building a balance between the interests of management, board, shareholders and other stakeholders. Board shall encourage and support open, meaningful sharing of knowledge, experiences, opportunities, threats and future outlooks. This will build shared understanding and continuous learning between the parties.

Our Goals

Premier European network

We will develop the European network of “first tier” non-profit organizations by promoting and increasing the number of women in boards. Now there are 20% women of NED listed companies. At the same time European Union intends to promote a target of 40% in 2020 in roughly 5000 companies.


We have built an international female talent pool to offer opportunities to board-ready women so they can reach top positions with international visibility and board mandates at European level. Thereby they are able to present the added value they can offer to boards.

Diversity on boards

We participate actively in the debate of diversity on boards in order to improve the practice of corporate
governance, innovation and more balanced business models. We share the interest of companies and non-profit organizations to innovate, develop and grow.



Women on Board (Founding member)

Represented by Monique Lempereur

Women on Board is a non-profit association created to promote female access to directorship roles within public and private Belgian enterprises. In December 2009, five women sharing the vision of increasing female board representation decided to create a pool of women with skills and experience beneficial to many boards.

Women on Board has achieved its primary goals: creating a pool of talented women ready to take up board positions, and facilitating access to this pool for Belgian enterprises searching for female directors. The objective is to make the change happen by promoting and building a greater female board representation, as more and more companies are contacting Women on Board and appointing female board members. With more than 265 skilled women, the Association is providing private and public enterprises and search firms with free-access to the pool.

Czech Republic


Represented by Muriel Anton

Odyssey is the first central and eastern European cross-company, cross-industry mentoring program for women. It is a non-commercial mentoring project supported by female and male leaders, which creates an ideal platform to match aspiring talented female professionals with experienced mentors.

Odyssey was launched in March 2010 under the leadership of Muriel Anton, Petr Šimůnek, Jan Bubeník and Pepper de Callier. It is now running its sixth season in the Czech Republic, second season in Slovakia and first season in Hungary. In the long-term, Odyssey hopes to establish a culture of mentoring in the CEE region, provide a center of excellence for the development of female business leaders and increase diversity in the local business environment.


Board Professionals (Founding member)

Represented by Iris Karjula

Board Professionals Finland is a rapidly growing organization with over 170 female members: high quality and successful women directors active at the executive and top levels of different companies and non-profit organizations. We work for strengthening diversity on boards through public discussions, professional networking and seminars as well as offering inspiring activities to the members.

Our objective is to promote diversity and advocate highly professional and ethical board work. We bring forward well educated, experienced women, by offering them regular activities including seminars with topnotch speakers, training programs and mentoring. We are growing our international networking and collaboration in order to create a platform for seeking cross-boarder directorships for our members.


Association des Femmes Diplômées d’Expertise Comptable Administrateurs (AFECA)

(FOUDING member)

Represented by Marie-Ange Andrieux

AFECA, founded in 2010, is chaired by Francoise Savés and represented for EWoB by Marie-Ange Andrieux. AFECA is a non-profit organization with 500 members, all chartered accountant women. The objective is to grow on the long term, as there are 5200 chartered accountant women out of 20000 chartered accountants. The organization is supported financially by 12 regional delegations.

AFECA has developed long-term partnerships with organizations like Independent Institute of the Statutory auditors in France and The Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The association is also an affiliate member of ecoDa.


Represented by Patricia Laurette-Laks

Financi’Elles is the French leading federation that unites today 12 networks of women executives in banking, finance and insurance sector. Financi’Elles is committed to helping and streamlining women’s access to the top level of organizations in the finance sector.

Financi’Elles is now a key player in promoting gender diversity, and a corporate partner in transforming gender diversity practices. The alliance also partners with companies in the sector wanting to create their own network to promote gender diversity. Created in 2010, Financi’Elles represents more than 17000 women from Axa, BNP Paribas, BPCE, Caisse des Dépóts, Credit Agricole, Eurzeo, HSBC, ING, Malakoff Médéric, SCOR, Socíeté Générale.



Represented by Monika Schulz-Strelow

Since 2006, FidAR has been working to increase the representation of women on German corporate boards. Our work highlights political and economic awareness, signifying the importance of women on supervisory boards, executive boards and in senior management positions.

Our activities show results. The number of women on German supervisory and management boards is rising and the German Parliament has passed a law to strengthen female representation in senior positions in both private and public institutions. FidAR currently has about 750 members – men and women.


Valore D

Represented by Ulrike Sauerwald

Valore D is the first association formed by companies in Italy to promote gender balance and a more inclusive culture for growth of the country and its economy. Gender diversity, different generations and cultures represent innovation, competitiveness and growth. Valore D provides tools and clear indicators to associates to increase and monitor diversity and inclusion in their organizations.

Valore D was founded 2009 and is steadily growing with twelve virtuous companies: AstraZeneca, Enel, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Ikea, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica, McKinsey & Co, Microsoft, Standar & Poor’s, UniCredit and Vodaphone – today it’s about 180 associated companies! 74% of the member companies believe they can help developing plans for gender inclusion and cultural and generational diversity. Thanks to dialogues with institutions and learning from these companies, Valore D is able to help them to achieve measurable results.

The Netherlands

Talent Naar de Top and D&I ComPANy

 Represented by Yelly Weidenaar

Talent naar de Top is a foundation with a social mission to achieve greater talent diversity in the boardroom and senior management. In 2007 the foundation developed the Talent naar de Top Charter that is an employers’ code to make a voluntary commitment for an effective and sustainable gender diversity policy.

Based on the Charter, the 250 Charter signatories are monitored and benchmarked yearly. Since 1996 consultants and trainers are helping the organizations, leaders and teams within our community how to harness the power of diversity. They offer services from advice and analysis to workshops, training and courses. Executive search agencies strive for better gender balance on boards and in senior management. Talent naar de Top links theory and practice and participates actively in public and political debate about diversity & inclusion, helping to move the conversation forward. The basis is gender diversity and the focus is inclusion.

United Kingdom

Institute of Directors

Represented by Dame Joan Stringer DBE FRSE

The IoD was founded in 1903 and awarded its a Royal Charter in 1906. It is an independent, non-party political organization of 30,000 members plus individual members. Its aim is to serve, support, represent and set standards for directors to fulfill their responsibilities for the benefit of society as a whole. IoD has actively promoted greater gender balance in boardrooms, by enhancing business performance and aligning business leadership with the needs of a modern competitive economy.

The IoD sees a greater role for women on boards as a prerequisite for improved corporate governance and business legitimacy. The board is responsible for the overall leadership of the IoD and setting its values, standards, aims and objectives and delivering them in line with the objects of the Royal Charter. The executive committee reports to the board and is responsible for the ongoing management and the day-to-day operational matters for running the business.


Board of Directors

Monique Lempereur


Monique Lempereur is Chairwoman of European Women on Boards since October 2017. She is a Founding Board Member and Managing Director of Continental Carbon Company Europe SPRL since 2014. Continental Carbon is a world leader in the manufacturing, marketing and licensing of chemicals. She is also Founding Board Member and Owner of Lempereur & Partners SPRL, a consultancy firm she founded in 2008.

Main career steps: Member of the Executive Committee and the global commercial director of Nanocyl S.A. Prior to this, she spent over 20 years in the chemical industry with US based companies having their headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa. She gained a 360° of international industrial expertise in business development, strategic marketing, supply chain and procurement management in chemicals, plastics, rubber and automotive sectors.

Monique Lempereur is a certified director from the Belgian association of board of directors. She was a Founding Board Member of Women Entrepreneurship Platform, and Board Member and Vice President of “Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises” in Belgium. In 1997, she received for Belgium the second prize “Woman in Business”.

Iris Karjula

Vice Chair

Iris Karjula is Vice Chair of European Women on Boards. She is also Chair of Board Professionals BPF Finland, an association with 175 female board ready members. Currently she also works as Executive Business Coach, Leadership Developer, Mentor and public speaker for clients in Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East from C-level to Executives, High Potentials and Management Teams. Master’s degree from Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki; fluent in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Main career steps: 2009 – 2014 Management Team member at Fazer Group and MD at Fazer Food Services with annual turnover 580M€, 7500 employees in 7 countries. Prior to that: VP HR at Fazer Food Services, SVP Development and Marketing at Finpro, Director HR and Franchising at McDonald’s, Head of HR of DanskeBank Corporate Investment banking, Senior Manager in Service Development. She has 15 years experience on international boards.

Marie-Ange Andrieux

Honorary Chair & Director

Marie-Ange Andrieux is Honorary Chair and Board member of AFECA, French chartered accountant women on board association. She has co-chaired AFECA since its creation in 2010 to March 2017. Public Accountant, and a graduate from Paris School of Economy, Marie- Ange Andrieux also holds a Master’s degree in business law.

After a career in international audit and consulting firms PwC, Mazars, Deloitte with executive positions, she is now a partner of Strateva, an independent consulting firm in strategic and financial valuation. She chairs the International Committee of IFA French Institute of Directors.
She is a member of the Policy Committee, chairs the Benchmark and Information committee of Ecoda European Confederation of Directors Association. She is also board member of not for profit organizations.

Based on her broad experience and strong expertize, Marie-Ange has had several leadership positions, e.g. as Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Co-Chair, Member of Medef Commission. She is an author of books, articles and a lecturer in her different fields of competencies. Marie-Ange Andrieux is Knight of the French Legion of Honor.

Muriel Anton


Muriel Anton is the founder and General Manager of Odyssey. She is Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and former CEO of Vodafone Czech Republic. Canadian by origin, Muriel came to the Czech Republic in 2000 to join the start-up of the mobile operator Oskar, as Vice President of Finance. Her plan was to stay for one year, but it’s been more than a decade. She later guided the company through acquisition by Vodafone and became Vodafone’s CEO in 2008. Thanks to Muriel, Vodafone won awards for innovation, leadership and strategy.

In 2010 Muriel led the formation of a mentoring and a leadership program for Czech businesswomen – Odyssey, which has now been launched in Slovakia and is about to expand to Hungary and other CEE countries. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 she was voted the Most Influential Businesswoman by the renowned economic daily newspaper “Hospodářské noviny”, Woman Manager of the Year for 2009 and in 2014, she became on of the top ten “Most influential businesswomen of the decade”.

Patricia Laurette-Laks


Patricia Laurette-Laks is Head of General Affairs at Natixis General Inspection & Audit division (GI&A), as Managing Director, she is part of the Executive Committee of the GI&A. She was previously Natixis HR Corporate Secretary. Natixis is the international corporate, investment, insurance and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest banking group in France. Natixis provides customized solutions to companies, financial institutions and institutional investors and designs tailored products and services to clients.

Patricia Laurette-Laks is member of Financi’Elles Executive Committee, the French federation of networks for banking, finance and insurance industries and more precisely in relation with new networks joining it. She is a board member of Women In Natixis Network of the listed company of Groupe BPCE, part of Elles of BPCE. She has 35 years experience in finance, internal control, Compliance, Audit and HR. She is graduated in Finance and Accounting from Valenciennes University.

Ulrike Sauerwald


Ulrike Sauerwald is Chairwoman of European Women on Boards representing the Italian member Valore D. Ulrike Sauerwald studied in the Universities of Münster and Freiburg, Germany and obtained her degree in Political Economics in 1990. She completed her PhD in Business Administration and Management 1993.
She has worked in Italy since 1993 in Andersen Consulting (today Accenture) and Arthur Andersen in Change Management, Training and Recruitment before entering Boehringer Mannheim as Head of Business Process Reengineering.

In 2006 she moved to qualitative research as freelancer in Value Lab, then to Kantar TNS Global for qualitative research of international projects focusing on HR and Gender issues in multinational companies.
Since 2016 she is Head of Research, Knowledge Management and International Relations in Valore D, association of companies to promote gender balance and a more inclusive culture for the growth of Italy and its economic system. In this role, Ulrike combines her dedication to research with her passion for Diversity and Inclusion.

Monika Schulz-Strelow


Monika Schulz-Strelow is President of FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V. In 2006 with a group of highly motivated women, Monika Schulz-Strelow founded FidAR – Women in boards, which is a non-partisan initiative, campaigning for an increase of female board members in Germany. FidAR is one of the central contacts in politics and media on the issue of more women on boards having contributed to a significant number of activities and political lobbying in the last years.

A key achievement of FidAR is the quota law in Germany on 1st May 2015. For this achievement, Monika received the Federal Cross of Merit in 2013 from the German President. She is a member of several supervisory boards. She helps investors to enter the German market successfully and advises international companies.

Monika has a long affiliation with the BAO BERLIN International GmbH, having spent nine years on the board, and she has a wide international business network. Since 2015 she has been member of the Board of the RAG Foundation. In 2016 and 2017 she was elected by the manager magazine as one of the 50 most influential women in Germany.

Professor Dame Joan Stringer


Dame Joan Stringer is a British political scientist and former Principal and Vice Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University, the first woman to lead a Scottish university. Prior to that she was Principal of Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh and held senior appointments at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. In her academic career she has championed internationalization in education and is a strong believer in the need to strengthen business /industry/ University links.

She has held numerous appointments outside academia: Chair of the Northern Ireland Equality Commission Working Group, Commissioner with the Equal Opportunities Commission (Great Britain), member of the Constitutional Steering Group to establish the Scottish Parliament, the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland and the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

She is currently pursuing a non-executive career as Chair and Independent Non-Executive Director of a range of private, arts, and not-for-profit organizations. She is also adviser to a a number of organizations on governance and strategy. She has been a member of the Institute of Directors since 1993 and was appointed as a Council member in 2013. She was elected as Senior Independent Council Member in 2015.

Yelly Weidenaar


Yelly Weidenaar is a Board member of EWoB and Director of D&I Company.

Sophie Chartier

General Manager

Sophie Chartier is a French graduate from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. After having worked in financial management as a consultant, she dedicated herself in 1994 to art and museums. She worked as CFO in the Musées de la Ville de Paris, CFO in the Centre Georges Pompidou, and as Deputy General Manager in the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais in Paris.

In the French Embassy in Brussels, Sophie Chartier produced in 2008 the season of contemporary art « Francekunstart », during the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. As from 2009, she has the position of Administrator of Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture. As a consultant, she has organized many cultural events for public and private European institutions.

Sophie is involved with EWOB since its inception. In 2013, she was a member of the founding team at European Women on Boards (EWoB), a network of national organizations promoting the women on boards across Europe. For five years she has served successively as Treasurer and Secretary to the Board. On 1st of May 2018, Sophie Chartier was appointed as General Manager of EWoB.

Valentine Helsmoortel

Communication Manager

Valentine Helsmoortel is a Belgian graduate from the ICHEC Brussels Management School. She works now as a digital marketing consultant. She helps entrepreneurs and companies to become digitally successful. Her favorite tools are Social Media, Blogging and Email Marketing.

She loves to travel and discover local cultures. She spent 6 months in England during her communication studies and she travels every year to the United States to keep her up to date with the latest trends and innovations. Valentine started her mission as Communication Manager in April 2018. Her goal is to modernize and build attraction by the communication of EWoB.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advise(s) the Board of Directors on a consultative basis, by giving (it) strategic advice(s) and by supporting EWOB purpose(s) and values.

The Advisory Board is currently composed of 9 members :

Roger Barker


Dr. Barker is and Independent Corporate Governance Advisor at Barker and Associates, University of Oxford. Prior to that: Director of Corporate Governance at the Institute of Directors (UK) 2008 – 2016; Senior Advisor to the Board of ecoDa, Chairman of the ecoDa education committee, board member of EWoB ASBL. He sits on several corporate governance advisory boards, e.g. Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and ISS European Governance Exchange.

Dr. Barker is a visiting lecturer at the Said Business School (Oxford), ESSEC (Paris), UCL (London) and the Ministry of Defence (UK). He has worked as an external adviser on corporate governance for international organizations, e.g. the EBRD, IFC and the Asian Development Bank.

Prior to that Dr. Barker spent 13 years as an investment banker, in London and Zürich, in UBS and Bank Vontobel. He is the holder of a doctorate on corporate governance from Oxford University and also has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in economics, finance and political science from the universities of Cambridge, Southampton and Cardiff. Dr. Barker is a UK member of the European Economic and Social Committee since October 2015.

Adrienne Axler


Born in Czech Republic, speaking 5 languages, Adrienne has 25 years’ experience at Sodexo, holding executive management positions in a diverse range of areas, encompassing Operations, Marketing, Strategy and country/ area Management.

As of October 2012, she is CEO of the DACH region for On-site Services activities. Prior to that, she was Marketing and Strategy Director for Europe On-site Services. Her experience also includes a five years’ leadership role within our Benefits & Rewards activities where she managed Belgium first, then the area of Western Europe, before re-joining On-Site Services where she started.

Over the span of her career, she has taken deep warm and genuine interest in exploring the multi-facets of “conscious business“ as a guide to thrive, lead teams and develop people at Sodexo.

Marc Borggreven



Jan Bubenik


In 2001, Jan Bubeník founded Bubenik Partners, an executive search firm in the Central and Eastern European region and serves as its managing partner. Bubenik Partner’s client base spans early-stage regional companies to global Fortune 150s. Before that, he managed Korn/Ferry International in Prague, and prior to that Bubeník was a management consultant for McKinsey & Company.

He is Chairman of the Corporate Council of Forum 2000 – Vaclav Havel´s foundation, and has been serving on the Executive Committee of Young President Organization (YPO). Bubeník was one of the principal student leaders of the dissident movement and later served as the youngest Member of Parliament in the post-Communist government.

After the fall of Communism in Czechoslovakia, Bubeník accompanied President Vaclav Havel on a trip to the US to a joint session of Congress and meet with many of political, business and intellectual leaders to discuss the rebuilding of his homeland. He served as an advisor to human rights and pro-Democracy organizations in Bulgaria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and then supported Cuban dissidents in 2001 during a visit to Cuba; Bubeník was detained and jailed by Castro’s regime. He studied pediatrics at Prague’s Charles University Medical School and economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Cécile Coune


Cécile Coune is Honorary Chair of EWoB, which she co-initiated in 2013. She also co-founded the Belgian-based Women on Board in 2009. Her other roles: Chief Executive Officer, President of the Executive Committee, and Member of the board of directors of AVIABEL S.A. since 2012. AVIABEL, a European aviation insurer in Brussels; a non-executive board member of Belfius Insurance, Corona Direct, and AXIS Holdings Ireland Ltd, a member of the Strategic Committee of the Belgian Federation of Enterprises. Previously a partner at the law firm Liedekerke.Wolters.Waelbroeck.Kirkpatrick. She is a member of the Brussels Bar Association since 2004.

Prior to this, she spent over 15 years in the insurance sector, became Country Manager for Belgium & Luxembourg, SVP of CICE in 1994 and was member of the board of directors of CICE. In 2002, she became MD of insurance brokerage Atelia Corporate SA, and then MD of AXA Art Benelux. She is a member of the International Association of Women in Aviation, the Belgian Insurers Association, the Belgian Association of Insurance Lawyers and the Belgian Association of Risk Managers. In 2017, King Philippe of Belgium made her Commander in the Crown Order for her career and services to the business world.

Sandra Lutchman



Ingrid Schulerud


Ambassador Ingrid Schulerud took up her assignment in September 2015. Ms Schulerud joined the Foreign Service in 1988 after graduating from the University of Oslo, with studies in economics, political science and statistics. She has served as a Norwegian diplomat in Budapest and worked within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on various topics related to European Affairs for 25 years.

She has worked extensively on democracy issues, fundamental rights and freedoms as well as minority rights as desk officer for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Head of Division for the Baltic states and Central Europe as well as Deputy Director General on the enlarged EU, Baltic states, Central Europe, Romania and Bulgaria.

She has, as Ambassador at large, been responsible for the programming and strategic development of the European Economic Area and Norway grants. As part of the Norwegian delegation, she has participated in the on-going negotiations on a new agreement between the EEA/EFTA states and the EU. Ms Schulerud is also Deputy Head of the Norwegian Mission to the European Union.

Turid Solvang


Turid Solvang, the Founder and CEO FutureBoards, that aims to drive forward the evolution of corporate governance by facilitating the exchange of experience and ideas for best practice governance and creating physical and digital arenas for networking. Ms Solvang was co-Founder and Managing Director of the Norwegian Institute of Directors, established in 2009 and co-founder of EWoB. She represented the Norwegian IoD as EWoB’s Vice Co-chair from 2013 to 2017.

Ms Solvang was Chair of ecoDa, appointed first ever female chair of the European Directors Network in 2015, were she served as board member from 2011 to 2017. She was also member of the Nomination and Evaluation Committee, the Policy Committee, and chaired ecoDa’s working group on board selection processes. She took her Master’s degree in Business at BI Norwegian Business School in 1989 and holds a Master program in Scenario planning. She has extensive experience in corporate communications and as Non- Executive Director in both corporate boards and membership associations.

Partly due to the Norwegian female quota law, as from 2004, she has focused on board related products and services, including recruiting to corporate boards. She was responsible for corporate communication at Burson-Marsteller in Oslo and head of marketing at Fearnley Data, Oslo.

Saskia van Uffelen


Saskia Van Uffelen has worked in the sector of information and communication technology for over 25 years. She has led national and international sales and marketing functions in companies such as Xerox, Compaq, HP, Arinso, Bull and CSB Consulting. Thanks to her experience in transforming a product driven organization to a service and solution provider, she was appointed CEO in 2014 at Ericsson, Belgium and Luxemburg. She was also appointed as Digital Champion by the federal ministry of economic affairs to support the mission of the European Commission.

In order to stimulate the roll out of the Digital Agenda in Belgium she sensitizes all parties involved in three areas
• Digitalization of the educational system
• Boosting the e-Commerce and safety on the internet
• Focusing on the specifics of e-skills to turnaround our economy

As a manager, Saskia keeps an eye on the human aspects of collaboration. She wants to ensure synergies between the different generations in the workplace. In interviews, articles and her book ‘Iedereen Baas! – Tous Patron!’ she encourages colleagues to pay more attention to this. As a female role model in ICT she has been honored 2011 ICT Woman of the Year (Data News), 2013 Inspiring Lady of the Year in Science, Technology and Research in Luxembourg (Inspiring Woman) and 2016 ‘Economical Driver’ award by the association Movement.


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