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What is the International Board Professionals?

The EWoB International Board Professionals is an online pool of selected board women, from several European countries. It was launched in October 2016, and is the first talent pool of its kind.

Who is in the International Board Professionals?

Currently, there are more than 150 women in the International Board Professionals. During the International Board Professionals pilot scheme, we have accepted applications only from the candidates who are put forward by EWoB member organizations. As from 2018, the EWoB International Board Professionals will be open to external candidates and any board-ready woman fulfilling the criteria will be able to apply. To be taken out as the board needs to discuss about it.

What is the rationale behind the International Board Professionals?

Our strategic goal is to increase the profile and visibility of women who are ready to fill transnational, non-executive directorship positions. EWoB believes that gender balance on companies’ boards supports the development of innovative business models for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This is part of the European Union’s Europe 2020 Strategy. With their in-depth competences in different sectors and experience in decision-making at the CEO and C-suite levels, these board women are able to bring real added value to a company internationally.

International Board Professionals website

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This transnational Mentoring programme matches mentees among the EWoB membership with mentors from companies from cross-sectors with an international dimension. The EWoB Mentees programme is co-funded by the Progress Programme of the European Union. 


For mentees:

the mentoring programme is meant for female Directors to develop their strategic and executive interpersonal skills in a ‘safe’ external environment. They will learn from other women in board positions (X-board) to deal with political savy (e.g. unwritten rules) and to interact at boardroom level. Furthermore, the programme provides these women with the opportunity to achieve their objectives in their own authentic way while understanding and utilising the dynamics of power, the organisation, and decision making processes.

For mentors:

the mentoring programme is meant for mentors to enhance their skills in guiding and providing leadership for talented (female) professionals and looking at internal processes and dynamics from a female perspective. Furthermore, mentors will gain knowledge on the advantages of gender balance at the top and in the pipeline and benefit from learning from the perspectives of the next generation of leaders. In addition to an opportunity for mutual exchange on gender diversity in a given sector, mentors will be part of the EWoB expanding network of like-minded professionals at senior level who are active in making progress on gender diversity in companies in Europe.

For EWoB:

the mentoring programme aims to promote a valuable female talent pool among EWoB’s membership, to help highly talented women reaching top decision-making positions, and to increase international visibility of board-ready women. This programme is an opportunity for EWoB to participate actively in the debate on how diversity can contribute to develop more balanced business models, when there is a pressing need for companies to improve their competitiveness and to rethink their business models.

EWOB-Ethics & Boards Gender Diversity Index

The pilot of the EWOB-Ethics & Boards Gender Diversity Index will be published in November 2018.

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