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Wealth Management, Accessing Finance And Women In Financial Literacy

If you’ve been wondering where to start to better understand financial issues and build your own wealth management plan, this event will certainly give you valuable input!

In this first virtual event with our partner EWMD, four panelists from diverse backgrounds joined to discuss wealth management and women in financial literacy.

After an introduction of both organizations, Jara Pascual, Founder and CEO of Collabwith, kicked off the event by sharing her experience with wealth management as a female entrepreneur. She shared many tips and resources on how to manage your business and finances, beyond the doors of academia. Her advice? “Be okay with making mistakes.”

Marah Curtin, expert in wealth management then walked us through the process of developing a sound wealth management plan. She shared with us the steps to follow, from defining your goals to choosing investments.

The reason we chose to focus on women and financial literacy is because the gender gap in financial education is a significant issue. Tiziana Lang, Researcher at ANPAL and Carmen Niethammer, Gender Specialist thus joined us to share data on women entrepreneurs in Europe. They offered us a better understanding of this issue and how to address it.

From this event full of practical advice, we will take away this essential contribution: it is crucial for women to learn how to manage their wealth independently. As Marah said, “it’s never too late (or too early) to start.”

Watch the recording to learn more!