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Yelly Weidenaar

Yelly Weidenaar is Managing Director of ‘Talent naar de Top’ since April 2017. More...
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Yelly Weidenaar

The goal of this foundation is to increase the percentage of women in top positions in Dutch organizations. It is the only initiative in the Netherlands in the field of gender diversity combining a charter with longitudinal monitoring and implementation of effective measures and instruments within organizations.

Prior to this Yelly worked as auditor for PWC and spent over 20 years in the financial sector (ABN AMRO) in various global/international roles and management responsibilities in the area of finance, business development, sales, HR and strategy. The last 8 years she spent working as (global) Head of Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion within ABN AMRO before switching to Talent naar de Top.

Yelly is a member of the advisory board of the yearly ‘Top woman of the Year’ election in the Netherlands. She holds a Master’s degree in financial & business administration from the University of Groningen.