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Adria Region

Women on Boards Adria

Women on Boards Adria (WOBA) is a regional umbrella association for the promotion of gender equality at the decision-making level. Focused on the Adria region, WOBA works with the businesses, governments, and international institutions to promote greater gender diversity at the Board and C-Suite level. It focuses on the root causes of gender gaps in business leadership by breaking down barriers to boardroom entry and accelerating the pace at which women ascend to senior management positions. Our goal is to contribute to an increase in representation of women in boardrooms and executive positions of companies in the region, meeting the EU requirements stemming from the European Women on Boards Directive. At WOBA, we strongly believe that talent and ambition are equally distributed among individuals of all genders, and that the economic development and the success of the society as a whole greatly depends on gender equality.  We advocate for corresponding equal opportunities for men and women in senior positions, paving the way for women to achieve their full potential.