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Women on Board Association Türkiye (WOB Türkiye)


Established in January 2017 in İstanbul, the main objective of the Women on Board Association Türkiye (WOB Türkiye) is to promote social development by increasing female representation on boards. WOB Türkiye’s mission is to undertake an advocacy role for all stakeholders regarding the social and economic benefits of equal gender representation on boards while helping and contributing to women’s development for this purpose.The WOB Türkiye Cross Company Mentoring and Independent Board Membership Certificate Program, carried out by WOB Turkey since 2012, is Türkiye’s first certificate program accredited by academic institutions respected in the field of board membership.

While carrying out this unique program, WOB Türkiye is also working as a communications, cooperation, awareness and information sharing platform in order to increase female representation on boards.