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The Netherlands

Talent naar de top

Talent naar de top is a unique initiative aiming to inspire, involve and commit companies to strive for a more inclusive organization and improve diversity at top level.

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The Talent to the Top foundation is a unique initiative in the Netherlands which has developed the Talent to the Top Charter: an employers’ code to make a voluntary commitment for an effective and sustainable gender diversity policy.

Commitment, target setting, and annual monitoring are at the core of the initiative. Since 2008, over 260 organizations have signed the Charter.  We have been successful in moving the needle on gender diversity, these organizations score three times as high regarding the percentage of women in boards compared to the average in the Netherlands.

Charter signatories meet, inspire and motivate one another within the Community, facilitated by TndT and its cross company programs (e.g. Cross Mentoring and Boardroom Coaching). Furthermore, TndT provides managers, employees and HR professionals with the tools they need to turn inclusion into real action and behaviour by offering them expert advice and practice-based training.