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Saskia van Uffelen

Saskia Van Uffelen has worked in the sector of information and communication technology for over 25 years.

Turid Solvang

Turid Solvang, the Founder and CEO FutureBoards, that aims to drive forward the evolution of corporate governance by facilitating the exchange of...

Sandra Lutchman

Sandra Lutchman (Law, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is an independent consultant in the area of leadership, diversity and inclusion.

Cécile Coune

Cécile Coune was Honorary Chair of EWoB, which she co-initiated in 2013. She also co-founded the Belgian-based Women on Board in 2009.

Jan Bubenik

In 2001, Jan Bubeník founded Bubenik Partners, an executive search company in the Central and Eastern European regions and serves as its managing...