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Iris Steinfeld Tunçay

Iris Steinfeld Tunçay is a multi-faceted wellness expert with a rich background in pedagogy, psychotherapy, and yoga. Educated in Pedagogy at Vienna University, she initially served as a social worker in Austria, providing psychological support to children and families. Iris later moved to Turkey and introduced the Tomatis Method, a specialized form of audio-psycho-phonology therapy. She holds an International Quantum Coaching Certificate and has been running her own firm, Listening Center, since 2003. In 2015, she founded Iris Family Center, focusing on psychotherapy and personal development. Iris is also a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Vinyasa and Kriya Hatha Kundalini Yoga. She enriches her yoga teachings with her expertise in chakra psychology and family constellation. With a holistic approach, Iris conducts workshops, retreats, and private classes, aiming to empower individuals through awareness and resilience. She is based in Istanbul and collaborates with her husband, Erhan Tunçay, in offering corporate consultancy and training.