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The countries with a GDI closest to equality are Norway, France and Sweden.


When looking only at countries which have at least 10 companies in the dataset, Switzerland ranks lowest. This is consistent with the information on the country of registration of companies that rank at the top and at the bottom of the index, as discussed earlier.
In addition to the average GDI, it is interesting to look at the distribution of companies according to the GDI average. There are 284 companies in the dataset with an average or above-average GDI. The remaining 263 companies have a below-average GDI.

When looking at the companies that have an average or above-average GDI we find:
93% (14) of all Norwegian companies in the index;
81% (70) of all French companies;
76% (33) of all Swedish companies;
58%(70) of all British companies;
48% (12) of all Italian companies.

On the other hand, when looking at companies below the GDI averagewe find:
92% (46) of Swiss companies;
nearly all (8 out of 9) Polish companies;
64%(48) of German companies;
63% (15) of Dutch; and
65% (15) of Spanish companies.