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Pia Cox

Pia’s message is clear: if you are a young woman aspiring to a career in science: go for it. Do not let others’ expectations nor gender stereotypes stop you. And when you can, help others!

Pia Cox - Women in science

To mark the 2023 International Day for Women and Girls in Science we asked her: if you could talk to your younger self, what would be …

Your number one advice to help her achieve her goals

Stay curious and look for the helpers. And always remind yourself: you are beautiful, you are smart and you are worth it.

A rolemodel she can look up to

We need more women rolemodels in STEM, particularly in the black and brown communities. But never forget that we are all capable of inspiring others and having a positive impact.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler, (1831 –1895), became the first African-American woman to become a doctor of medicine in the United States. She was subject to intense racism and sexism while practicing medicine. Male colleagues disrespected her , but she persevered and worked passionately.

A challenge she will overcome

There are many challenges for girls in STEM, but the biggest challenge is to overcome the ways that intersectionality will affect you. Embrace your uniqueness, stay dignified, listen to others, and uncover and interrupt your own unconscious biases. Acknowledge your own privilege to help others and be a true ally.

One common belief she should ignore

She should absolutely ignore the societal assumptions over gender roles. Don’t let the assumptions stop you from forging onwards, and always keep an open mind.

A dream she shouldn’t give up on

Always dream big and don´t let anyone stop you from pursuing a career in STEM. Look for the helpers, educate yourself, learn the skills to become confident. Don´t get discouraged, be patient and always believe in yourself, even if others don´t.

Invest in yourself, and never give up on your dream to become a scientist, a doctor, a leader.

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