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European Union

European Policy on gender balance in decision-making positions

Across the EU, women are underrepresented in decision-making positions, particularly in politics and business, even if the situation varies between EU countries. In Autumn 2015, women accounted for 29% of members of the single or lower houses of parliaments in the EU countries.

In business leadership the situation is particularly disappointing: in October 2015, women accounted for just 22.7% of board members of the largest publicly listed companies registered in the EU countries.

The causes for the underrepresentation of women in decision-making processes and positions are multiple, complex, and call for a comprehensive approach to tackle the problem. They stem from traditional gender roles and stereotypes, the lack of support for women and men to balance care responsibilities with work and the prevalent political and corporate cultures, to name just a few.


EWOB was co-funded by the Progress Programme of the European Union.



PwC is a EWOB sponsor since its inception.

We are delighted to be collaborating with PwC in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

PwC is sponsoring a cross-border senior female mentoring initiative in the above countries. This is a programme whereby talents and mentors are learning from one another to bridge cultural differences and help women assume eminent positions in PwC leadership.

Each of the PwC countries involved has a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion programme in place for several years with many initiatives aiming at promoting the advancement of women at all levels of the organisation.


Information on PwC & Gender diversity

Forty percent of today’s global workforce are female yet just five percent of global CEO positions are held by women


“It takes time to see cultural differences.”

“Women and men generally have some different strengths and different leadership styles and I really believe that having women on board allows an open dialogue. Women are much more driven by teams, they are much more collaborative in general and it brings a new dynamics, a much richer environment for an organization. It’s not good or bad, but a new direction, and it is a combination of increased sensitivity and sensibility that makes organizations more creative and more open.” Michel Landel, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Sodexo, 6th July edition of International NY Times 2015.

Information on Sodexo Gender diversity

Sodexo’s Gender Balance Study 2018: Expanded Outcomes Over 5 Years

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