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For Greater Parity in Decision-Making: EWOB and 2GAP Announce their New Partnership

France adopted two key regulations in 2011 and 2021, establishing requirements for companies to achieve gender equality in the workplace.  With more than 40 percent women on boards, France is now one of the leading countries in Europe. The advocacy work of organisations such as the Gender and Governance Action Platform (2GAP) has been essential in achieving this result.

This is why we are extremely delighted to welcome 2GAP as our partner association in France.

“The sharing of governance between women and men is an issue of public interest because it improves the performance of organisations and the quality of public and private sector decision-making.” – Nathalie Pilhes, 2GAP President

The global collective “Gender and Governance Action Platform” aims to make women’s participation in the response to all challenges more effective, more visible, more recognised and a driving force in a common project for a new world. Currently made up of 70 women’s and mixed professional networks from the private and public sectors, 2GAP works for a fairer representation of women in organizational leadership. The organisation and its members, which include the Federation of Women Directors, Women Entrepreneurs and the European Association of Women Lawyers, have become a key player in equality and a real resource for policy makers wishing to make the necessary changes to achieve true equality between women and men.

“I would like to warmly welcome 2GAP among our partners. It is extremely important for EWOB to join forces with impactful associations that work at the national level. Building a strong network does not only mean strengthening support to gender diversity in Europe, but also means creating a space to share best practices, learning from each other’s experience and, together, accelerating progress towards parity in decision-making.” – Kristen Anderson, EWOB CEO

Visit and follow 2Gap on social media to learn more about its work!