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Julia Hartmann

Try to push through and stay determined. Julia Hartmann, Professor of Sustainability Management at EBS Universität in Germany, is certainly an example showing us that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams simply because others don’t believe in them.

If you could talk to your younger self what would be …

Your number one advice to help her achieve her goals

You know best what you can do. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the opinions of others.

A rolemodel she can look up to

I am a bit tempted to say Colette because she had to fight so hard for her recognition as author that her husband snatched from her. The problem with role models is that their realities had been or are different from the one you are facing or will face: I never had a Willy-like husband and Colette died centuries ago. Throughout my career, I was supported by a number of individuals who were close to me – often my direct supervisors – who helped me in getting the most out of my capabilities (BTW and against all prejudice: Most of them were men). Look around. There will be many great personalities around you that can assist you in attaining your goals. You only need to ask.

A challenge she will overcome

You will hear that it is difficult to get a job in academia and in some way this is true. However, if you are ready to leave your comfort zone and look for opportunities a bit further away, you will see there are many great opportunities.

One common belief she should ignore

Sustainability is a topic that cuts across many disciplines. When I said I wanted to specialize in sustainability management, I was told I should give up on this as this is not a field (like marketing or finance or so) and this would impede my career. The problem was: I never wanted to do anything else. I found sustainability simply super interesting and – as many times before – did not listen but carried on. Today, almost 15 years later, sustainability management is a common field in management all over the globe.

A dream she shouldn’t give up on

I have not attained mine yet: I would like to make a small contribution to counteracting climate change by assisting students in seeing the value of this endeavor and help companies take action. That is a hard one but giving up is just no option.

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