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The latest European gender diversity studies provide a conclusive evidence of a gradual progress in achieving gender balance across the region, where business, especially the corporate segment, are leading the change. At EWoB, we believe that with our mission and commitment, we can help even more to accelerate the progress by developing talents and skills of senior businesswomen and also by mediating the sharing of best practices at the European level. By joining the EWoB Memberzone you will support the European movement promoting gender equality in decision making.

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Join the European Women on Boards Memberzone, a digital place designed for sharing knowledge, experience and insights among the members of EWoB Network – inspiring business leaders, gender equality ambassadors as well as champions of best practices. By supporting each other, each member will benefit from the sharing and together, we will be able to increase our influence across companies, industries and countries.

Since the EWoB digital memberzone was just launched, we kindly ask you for a little bit of your patience until it adopts enough members so you can enjoy the communication power of a more robust network.

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With EWoB’s increasing global awareness and expanding base of followers, international companies have realized that EWoB network is becoming a valuable source of female business leaders ready for board positions. We encourage you to take the opportunity to present your strengths and unique competencies to allow EWoB to introduce you as a suitable candidate for future board positions.

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In addition to the networking benefits, the EWoB Memberzone Members will be granted more advantages, such as 2 free webinars on Leadership topics, Tips&Tricks from Board members and global search firms and a 10% membership discount on selected programs, e.g. C-Level School or Cross-border Mentoring Program.

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free webinars on leadership topics, Tips & Tricks

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membership discount on selected programs

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200 EUR

The price of an annual membership is Eur 200,- plus applicable VAT, with 25% discount exclusively for the members of the EWoB partner associations. To apply the 25% discount, please, contact us at