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EWoB Digital Strategy Mentoring Program REUNION

On February 27th, 2020, the EWoB Digital Strategy Mentoring Program kickoff took place. It was the first and coincidentally also the last occasion so far, for 20 mentoring pairs to meet in person. Despite many hurdles inflicted by Covid 19, the program has successfully continued since then. Thanks to various online communication platforms and the stamina across the group, EWoB team has managed to keep the program live and vibrant.

On October 15th, 2020,  regardless worsening conditions in many countries, 20 European mentors and mentees got together for an online reunion. The reunion agenda covered various interesting topics, such as life under restrictions, future with EWoB,  insights about how successful women get on boards and more.

After a short opening by Päivi Jokinen/Chairwoman EWoB, Martina Klepalová/EWoB Project Manager and Muriel Anton/EWoB Board member and DSM Program owner, the discussion went on about the progress our mentees have made since February, most appreciated aspects of the program and possible improvements. The overall feedback was very positive. We have discovered that some of the mentoring pairs have established very stable relationships, exceeding the expected program framework.

Finally, our guest speakers Ingrid Gonnissen/EWoB Board member and Jan Allen/Alumni EWoB C-Level School 2019, shared their valuable insights on „What does it take to break the glass ceiling? How does a woman get to the board?“. Thank you to Ingrid and Jan for their highly relevant contributions. It may be surprising, that even though they were talking business careers, one of their most emphasized messages to women, who would like to become board members, was: „You have to dream!“  Dream with us, join us to make a change.

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