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EWoB C-Level School 2020. Apply by June 21st

Are you a female manager who is eligible for a position of major responsibility over the next few years? EWoB´s C-level school has been designed to meet your needs. Its concept is about understanding what today’s business world requires of women leaders. Experts from all across the industries get together to walk you through what is happening to the business world and how you can add that to your advantage wherever you lead. We will focus as well on how agile and competent leadership looks like to handle crisis better than anyone else, or how to build the most efficient board.

In our 7 webinars, from September until December, you will meet experts, experienced corporate leaders, motivation coaches, headhunters, and, most importantly, women just like you. The program includes lectures, case studies, workshops, and discussions that will allow you to gain insight into the most pushing topics while engaging and sharing ideas with other talented women from all across Europe. Shortly EWoB is going to welcome 30 senior-level female business professionals (Business Unit Leaders, CEO-1, CXO for local entities etc.).

The C-Level School will start with an online kick-off in September and will be closed by a graduation ceremony in Brussels on January 21st as a part of the EWoB Annual Event. All C-Level School graduates will receive an invitation.

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