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EWOB and the Association of Businesswomen & Managers partner to form a strong network of women leaders

We can never say it enough: sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and being a role model for other women are not only essential elements to progress in a career, but also key drivers of change for more gender diversity. With our partnership, European Women on Boards (EWOB) and the Association of Businesswomen and Managers (Združenie podnikateliek a manažérok) will support women to gain more visibility and to learn from other senior leaders across Europe.

The Association of Businesswomen and Managers (Združenie podnikateliek a manažérok) was established in 2001 in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is one of the first associations focusing on women’s empowerment in the country.

“With our EWOB partners such as Association of Businesswomen and Managers, we have the unique opportunity to communicate and exchange with other leaders, all across Europe. In addition to legislative changes, it is by working together that we will be able to draw inspiration from each other and accelerate the movement leading to greater gender equality in decision-making” – Kristen Anderson, EWOB CEO

Through its activities, the association supports women entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions. Their mission is based on: Information – Motivation – Inspiration – Networking – Cooperation – Contacts. Through mutual support, inspiration and networking, they help women to become successful leaders.

“Women belong in entrepreneurship, in business, in corporate management and in corporate decision-making processes.

This partnership with EWOB is an important milestone for our organisation. We are convinced that through our mutual cooperation we will help women in top positions to progress, stimulate their personal and professional development, to get in touch with each other, to be inspired and to share their experiences.

Let’s help women in leadership and decision-making positions to improve their potential.  With joint support, let us become more visible. Together towards our common success!”
– Ivana Kondášová, The Association of Businesswomen and Managers, Director

About the Association of Businesswomen and Managers

Visit the organisation’s website to find out more about its activities.

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