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EWOB Masterclass: Your LinkedIn Profile Ready to Go

Lacking time to update your LinkedIn profile? Unsure where to start or how to present yourself effectively? Join our second EWOB Masterclass and get started!

In this interactive workshop, we will guide you through every step to create a flawless LinkedIn profile highlighting your credentials and aspirations at Executive and Board level. You will gain practical insights, examples, and tips for wording, presentation, keywords, and visuals.

We will cover key questions:

✅ Why a professional LinkedIn profile is important
✅ How to leverage each field for increased visibility
✅ How to create compelling content, using concrete examples
✅ How to build engagement and extend your network, even with limited time
✅ Discover how executive search firms use LinkedIn and how to make sure they find you easily

To make sure you can put these strategies into practice right away, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers in small breakout rooms. This time will also be the opportunity for you to discuss how to help each other update your LinkedIn profile after the session.

Once you have successfully updated your LinkedIn profile after the session, you can also book a 15-minute follow-up session to receive individual feedback and further tips and tricks.

In just 2,5 hours, you will leave with:

  • In-depth understanding of LinkedIn’s importance
  • Comprehensive manual for immediate implementation
  • New profile update partner
  • Option to schedule a 15-minute individual feedback session.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your LinkedIn presence!


  • Henrike Wilkens
    Henrike Wilkens is a Fractional CMO and currently working for businesses in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK as Marketing Leader.
  • Hedwige Nuyens
    Hedwige Nuyens is a longstanding advocate for gender diversity. Elected Businesswomen of the Year in 1999, she mentored hundreds of women so far, helping them build the career they want. She wrote a book in 2005 on the glass ceiling. In 2013 she was elected Chairwoman of the BNP Paribas' Women network. 
Registrations are open!
June 15, 2023
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
€ 200