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The Communication Skills Leaders Need - event

The communication skills leaders need: The power of stories

What, how, when and to whom you communicate can make the difference between success and failure. It has become a critical skill for business leaders, especially as we move to a stakeholder economy, where on top of their shareholders, companies need to engage with a much wider group of interested parties such as customers, employees, suppliers or communities. How do you do this? What are the communication skills leaders need? And why is storytelling and relationship building so powerful?

During this fireside chat, Anna-Lena will share insights from her research on the chances and pitfalls for  female leaders in the public eye. We will learn how to best prepare for media interactions, gain an understanding of how journalists think and operate, learn how to handle difficult or insensitive questions, and how to become much more intentional in what we say and why.

Anna-Lena will also provide guidance on how to build or rebuild your public image, whether within a company or in the media, and offer tips for navigating social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Participants will also learn how to address hate speech and engage with activists and people who hold more extreme opinions. Finally, Anna-Lena will touch on the topic of how to handle criticism and explore, whether women face a double standard in the public?


  • Anna-Lena Lämmle
    Anna-Lena Lämmle is a Senior Associate at the leading communication consultancy FGS Global. She advises clients on strategic positioning and corporate communications. Her focus is on leadership positioning – with a passion for the positioning of female leaders, who at times face distinct challenges in the public eye. Anna-Lena has co-authored two publications on media bias in the portrayal of and in interviews with female top managers.
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March 28
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm