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European Women on Boards brings diversity in the board room with its cross-border, cross-sector Talent Pool

BRUSSELS, 7 MARCH 2017. European Women on Boards’ Talent Pool, an online network of selected, highly qualified women from across Europe, is gathering speed and gaining high-level endorsements, including from European Commissioner responsible for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Ms V?ra  Jourová, and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Ms Christine Lagarde.

This first-of-its-kind pool brings together women who are ready to join a company board, offering added value to companies through the candidates’ in-depth competences in a range of sectors, and experience in decision-making at the highest levels.

There are close to 150 board-ready women in the EWoB Talent Pool, originating from France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, UK, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Norway, Italy and Switzerland.

All with high level profiles, they are experienced board members ready to serve in the most varied industry sectors. Ranging from Finnish management and Italian finance executives to Belgian directors of the automotive industry and Czech insurance professionals, these board candidates are striking in their diversity of country and professional sector. The EWoB Talent Pool is continuously growing as new profiles are reviewed and admitted.

Currently, all candidates in the Talent Pool have been endorsed by EWoB member organisations, so far present in nine European countries. As from late 2017, the EWoB Talent Pool, an EU co-funded project, will be open to external candidates. Any board-ready woman who fulfils the demanding criteria will be able to apply to feature in the Pool.

All companies (public and private), NFP associations and search firms based in Europe have free access to the Talent Pool, subject to signing a Charter of Engagement.

V?ra  Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, said:

” I hear often men claiming that they are willing to hire a woman for a board position, but then say that they couldn’t find a woman to fill this position. With the European Women on Boards’ Talent Pool, they will have no more excuses. There is plenty of talented women ready to join company boards.”

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, said:

“Having more women on corporate boards is essential to fulfil women’s potential—and it makes hardheaded business sense as well. IMF research finds that adding one more woman on a company’s corporate board can help boost its return on assets by as much as 13 basis points. The European Women on Boards Talent Pool is a valuable resource in supporting both women and corporate performance.”

Cécile Coune and Marie-Ange Andrieux, EWoB Co-Chairs, said:

‘The EWoB Talent Pool provides companies with a diverse selection of board-ready women on a cross-border basis. Our pool of experienced, independent board members bears witness to the availability of highly qualified female directors, internationally. The Pool’s rigorous criteria mean that only highly skilled and experienced leaders are eligible for inclusion, and its international nature increases the visibility of these exceptional candidates. The EWoB Talent Pool makes it clear that for every board position across Europe, an EWoB female director can provide the solution.