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EWoB and our member association Odyssey present a unique series of webinars “Understanding the Digital World”. Together with the guest speakers we invite our network to dive into the recently discussed topics from the digital world: from big data to analytics to machine learning to AI, in order to embrace the opportunities digital transformation has to offer and help leaders recognise the necessity to build agile data driven organization with emphasis on digitally savvy employees.

Webinar Agenda

2020, Module 1

Key industry trends, their challenges and opportunities, including impact of COVID19:

• new opportunities that consumers have thanks to new technologies and internet-enabled services
• traditional industry entry barriers being removed by regulation, bringing innovation and competition into highly regulated and/or naturally monopolistic industries
• new, disrupting, digital-centric services
• reflecting a difficult global business situation by addressing digitalization, data and Covid19. Crisis influence on our businesses.

Case study: evolution of iWatt (Michal Brezina, Aspiro).

Presentation was hosted by Tomas Matl, Colours of Data.

For a replay, please, contact us to grant you access to Module 1. 

2020, Module 2

Making the most of your company’s data – and the data you don’t even have yet.

Making the most of your company’s data is about thinking of your business, not the technology. It is about linking your data with the data of others in the organisation and with the data from the outside world and breaking down silos. It is about company-wide alignment, cooperation and about changing the way we used to think and work. And yes, there’s a bit of technology involved as well.
What should I, as a leader in my organisation do, to make sure the transformation to a data-driven organisation is successful?

Case study: Meiro (Jana Zizkova, Singapore) with their customer reference.

Presentation was hosted by Tomas Matl, Colours of Data.

For a replay, please, contact us to grant you access to Module 2.


2020, Module 3

Mastering Virtual Communication

Given the current situation with COVID-19 and the requirement to work from home, mastering virtual communication is critical for all professionals. This webinar reveals tips and techniques that will enable you to improve the efficacy of your virtual communication skills, you will learn how to establish your credibility and create a professional first impression with your clients and prospects in virtual meetings.

More about the webinar content:
• How to prepare to be an effective virtual communicator
• Techniques to engage your prospect in a virtual meeting
• Focus on 5 core areas that will differentiate you from others.

Presentation was hosted by ValueSelling Associates™.

For a replay, please, contact us to grant you access to Module 3. 

Session #4

Closing Session: Big data – DIY

Hands-on session for the audience to frame the gained knowledge into an idea-map or an action plan for their roles and organizations. This will be a guided exercise, where participants will start from where their organization is currently in leveraging the power of the data and will think of where the opportunities, priorities and challenges of their businesses are that could be addressed with data, analytics and machine learning. The result will be an idea list of what data organizations should leverage, how to enable the insight and capability sharing across the organization and leverage this in their respective fields (e.g. Finance, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, etc.).

Stay tuned!