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Overview of European Women on Boards (EWOB)
  • What is EWOB and what is its mission? EWOB is a nonprofit focused on promoting gender balance in decision-making across Europe. It works to get more women into senior leadership and board roles. EWOB was instrumental in getting the EU’s women on boards directive passed and now helps implement it.
  • What are EWOB’s main programs and initiatives? EWOB has 4 main areas of focus: supporting the EU directive on gender balance in boards, building a talent pool of female board candidates, linking women to open board positions, and facilitating peer exchange and networking.
C-Level Program (CLP)
  • Why does EWOB only offer senior-level programs? EWOB is focused on getting more women into the C-suite and boards to drive change in decision-making. The programs aim to prepare senior leaders with the skills needed for those roles.
  • What is covered in the CLP? The CLP covers strategic thinking, personal branding, communications, crisis management, data-driven leadership, and inclusive leadership over 7 online sessions. There are top speakers and breakout sessions for peer learning.
  • What is the format of the program? It is 7 biweekly 3-hour online sessions over 4 months. There is an in-person or virtual closeout at the end for further networking.
  • What is the value of the program? You build a strong peer network across countries/industries, get strategic career advice, and learn the latest leadership skills and thinking.

Learn more and apply before January 12, 2024.

Board Readiness Program (BRP)
  • How is the Board Readiness Program structured? It has 5 online sessions taking you step-by-step through getting board-ready – understanding board needs, crafting your value proposition, positioning yourself, finding open roles, responsibilities of a director.
  • What are the key benefits of the program? You get tangible outputs – your board bio. You expand your network meeting high-level speakers and peers. It is very practical and focused on action steps.
  • What are the logistics of the program? 5 Friday sessions from 9-11am CET over 2.5 months starting Feb 21. Virtual kickoff event prior.
  • What companies are you preparing women for? The programs don’t prepare for specific boards – they help you clarify the right board for your skills and interests.

Learn more and apply, before January 12, 2024

Application Criteria and Process
  • What are the criteria to get into the programs? For BRP – enough experience managing P&L, expertise boards will value, clear value proposition. For CLP – at or near C-suite or board. We try to be inclusive but also credible.
  • What if I’m unsure if I’m ready for the program? Apply anyway and indicate interest – EWOB aims to enable women and will suggest if another program is a better fit. The application process is also designed to reduce bias.
  • What is the applications deadline? Applications are open until January 12, 2024.
Post-Program Outcomes
  • What board appointments have program participants obtained? Participants have joined nonprofit, startup, and corporate boards. It usually takes about a year after the program to find the right board fit.
  • How can I stay connected after the program? Join EWOB as a member to access events/networking. Graduates are invited back to speak about their experiences.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Programs Manager Martina Satkova at