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Applications were closed on June 21, 2020.


A more detailed agenda, including dates and times of specific program events.

  • WED 9.9.2020, 6-8 pm, Online Kickoff
  • THU 10.9.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 1, The New Era: Digital Disruption & New Business Models
  • THU 24.9.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 2, The Power of Data in Today's World: Guaranteed success?
  • THU 8.10.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 3, Embracing Innovation and the Virtual World: The New Normal
  • THU 22.10.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 4, How to Build the Perfect Board and Walk Out of Crisis Victorious
  • THU 5.11.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 5, Making the Board Against the Odds: The Skill Set I Need to Succeed
  • THU 19.11.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 6, Your leadership Story: Unlocking Your Strengths and Being Heard
  • THU 3.12.2020, 9-12 am, Webinar 7, Tough Times Call For Tough Leaders
  • THU 21.1.2021, 2-9 pm, Close out, EWoB Annual Event; Graduation

Admission Criteria

EWoB will evaluate the profiles of individual candidates and simultaneously will aim to form a group, which will be balanced in terms of business functions, industries and countries (EU). The ideal candidate should come from an international company with subsidiaries in most of the EU countries and should meet the following criteria.

Applicant acts in one of the following roles :

  • Business Unit Leader
  • Level CEO minus1
  • CXO within local entity of a corporation
  • Senior manager of an international team (10+ team members)
  • P&L holder of 15+m$/year

Applicant is requested to provide the following documents in English:

  • LinkedIn profile in .pdf format
  • Motivational letter
  • Recommendation letter from the organization or a board member from applicant´s network (optional)
  • Additional Requirements:
  •           Fluent English
  •           Commitment to participate in suggested dates according to the agenda

All documents will be required during the process of application.


Price of the program is EUR 450,- plus applicable VAT.

This price includes informal kickoff, 7 online educational blocks and F2F graduation ceremony in Brussels.  Travel and accommodation for the graduation ceremony will be covered by the participants.

This price only partially covers the value of the full program thanks to a substantial co-funding from the European Commission through the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.

Applications were closed on June 21, 2020.

Contact us if you have more questions regarding the program: