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Breaking Data Silos

Breaking Data Silos was the main topic of a webinar presented by EWoB and its member association Odyssey under the Digital Strategy Mentoring Program.

On September 9th, 2020, mentees, mentors and EWoB partners from 8 European countries have joined the webinar of Ms.Sonsoles Alonso, one of the EWoB mentors. In her own words, digital transformation is not just “do what you are doing now but digitally” but it is to make *digital* an integral part of the story of how your organization makes money. In order for digital transformation to be successful, data needs to be unified, consumable, timely, trusted and shared across all layers of the organization. Sonsoles believes that a successful data integration must go hand in hand with people integration. Her success in business and teams transformation may be attributed also to her unique approach, using systemic tools and serious games. Thank you Sonsoles for bringing Breaking Data Silos to us!

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