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News from Board Professionals Finland

2018 has started well for BPF Finland, according to Iris Karjula, Chair of the Board of Professionals Finland and Vice Chair of EWoB (

The economy has been improving in the last few years.

In 2017 BPF have actively been screening the potential new subjects of interest that could be included in the events offered to their 170 members. They are professional and successful women, active at executive and board level. These events are designed to inspire them to continuously build on their capabilities. It’s about acquiring insight of the future: weak and strengthening signals of changes, trends and values and, all in all, continuous learning of what is relevant in the members’ board role or other business-related areas that they are engaged in.
BPF  is organizing 12 to14 events in 2018 covering a wide range of topics that are relevant, inspiring and will challenge their thinking : Status of the Internet / Social Media in crisis / Evaluation of Board work / Digitalization and disruption in business / Digging deeper in the financial analysis.

Their 2018 plan covers three main areas where they will put extra effort. They aim to become better known, to be attractive in order to be followed and to be more influential by being visible, collaborative and interactive.
Their main effort will be in communications in media, both in public and internal communications, in active collaboration with their sponsors and key partners as well as in networking.

Iris Karjula
Chair of the Board, Board Professionals Finland
Vice Chair of the Board, European Women on Boards