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Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

For Audrey it’s obvious: people, planet and profit must be addressed together to meet today’s sustainability challenges. And science has a key role to play in this endeavour.

That is why after her PhD in physical and analytical chemistry, she focused her career on helping businesses to become more sustainable and inclusive. She is now CEO and Co-Founder of Trianon Communications, member of EWOB Advisory Board and part of various initiatives including The Brussels Binder and The Nine.

But looking back, what are the lessons she has learned while becoming a successful woman in science and what would she say if she could talk to her younger self?

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik - Women in Science Day
Your number one advice to help her achieve her goals

Lack of representation does not mean that people like you do not exist. They are just left out because the ones doing the narrative do not find them important. Black women have done groundbreaking discoveries throughout history). Look for them, be inspired and do not think a minute that you are misplaced as a scientist, as a leader or as a decision maker.

A rolemodel she can look up to

Alice Augusta Bell, the scientist who found the cure against leprosis. She did that by isolating and chemically modifying ester compounds contained in the oil of a Hydnocarpus wightianus, a semi-deciduous tree. As the future (physical and analytical) chemist (that the little me is going to become), this is a great example on how chemistry can save the word!

A challenge she will overcome

You will be told over and over again that you are too much: too direct, too bossy, too clever for your own good, too opinionated, too strong, to loud, etc. Stop surrounding yourself with people who diminish you to feel more. Find a tribe with whom you can be yourself and thrive.

One common belief she should ignore

(Black) women in science are the exception.

A dream she shouldn’t give up on

Use science to create a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable world.

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