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EWOB Welcomes its first Associate Member, WOB Türkiye

We are very happy to welcome Women on Board Association Türkiye (WOB Türkiye) as EWOB’s first associate member.

Established in January 2017 in İstanbul, WOB Türkiye’s mission is to undertake an advocacy role for all stakeholders regarding the social and economic benefits of equal gender representation on boards while helping and contributing to women’s development for this purpose.

For more than a decade, we have been working to increase the representation of women on corporate boards in Türkiye. We strongly believe that equal representation is not only a fundamental human right but also a must for a prosperous and sustainable future. Nothing would be more rewarding than joining forces with our European counterparts to improve gender parity at the top of the decision-making mechanisms.” WOB Türkiye President, Hande Yaşargil 

“Each of our member organisations with whom we partner contributes its unique perspective and expertise at a country level to our collective effort towards greater gender equality in decision-making. This is why we are delighted to begin this close collaboration with WOB Türkiye, and look forward to our future joint initiatives to increase the representation of women on corporate boards around the world.” EWOB CEO, Kristen Anderson

We look forward to working together to grow our talent pool of women ready to take on board positions and contribute to change at European level!