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​​EWOB celebrates 10 years of advocacy for gender diversity in decision-making

This autumn will be a season of celebration for EWOB because we are celebrating our tenth anniversary: 10 years of effort, commitment, dedication to gender diversity in decision-making …and not only!

We want to remember this moment by celebrating the progress that has been made, but also by pausing to look at how far we’ve come in this journey and thanking all those who have contributed along the way. 

In 2013, 4 women* put forward a challenge: to advance gender diversity in decision-making across Europe, with the particular focus on Boards.

From this spark to make a difference was born  the first network of European Women on Boards: EWOB. 

10 years later, the mission remains the same, but EWOB’s reach has grown.  

The founding 4 member associations have become 7, supported by more than 20 partners throughout Europe and abroad. 

The 4 women who rallied around a cause are now joined by more than 100 passionate and committed volunteers and over 700 individual members around the world. 

Year after year, this EWOB community has and will continue to grow. EWOB will always connect women leaders across Europe and around the world, engaging male allies in this challenge, so that we can support each other to achieve our career aspirations.

Today we want to thank everyone who has made this progress possible and those who are building the future of EWOB, breaking down barriers and fostering change for all. 

We have asked many of them to tell their story, highlight the challenges that they overcame and give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

We hope that you will join us in this celebration!

*Cécile Coune, Marie-Ange Andrieux, Turid Solvang and Marita Salo.