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EWOB is the European umbrella association for gender equality at decision-making level.
We are a non-profit Brussels-based organisation whose aim is to increase gender diversity in C-Suite and Board roles throughout Europe.


Together we support the EU commission’s directive that introduces a binding objective of at least 40% of board members of each gender by 2026.

What we do


Work together with national associations for advancement of women, EU institutions and corporate partners.


Strengthen the leadership capabilities and cross border network of senior women throughout Europe.


Conduct unique critical research, measuring and monitoring gender diversity at decision-making level in Europe.
If you are an association for the advancement of women that strives to operate on an international level, join us today.

Get access to a European network of like minded organizations for knowledge transfer and collective impact. You will increase your associations visibility and together we can make change happen more quickly.

Corporate sponsors


Robert Baker

Board Strategist in D&I

Iwona Kozera

Board Director

Nadine Nembach

Board Director

Cristina Piai

Board Director

Maria Sipilä

Board Director

Yelly Weidenaar

Board Director

Executive Committee

Ratul Ahmed


Rose Cartolari

Committee Chair, New development Programs

Siddika Demir

Committee Chair, Local Partnerships & Memberships

Sabine Frenzel

Committee Chair, Research

Elisabeth Ilboudo

Committee Chair, Corporate Partnerships

Sarah Kaddar

Committee Chair, Communications

Michelle Saaf

Committee Chair, Human resources

Nanditha Vijayaraghavan

Committee Chair, New development Programs

Silvia Wiesner

Committee Chair, Local Partnerships & Memberships

Zeynep Yalim Uzun

Committee Chair, Individual Membership


Jan Bubenik

Advisory board

Cécile Coune

Advisory board

Sandra Lutchman

Advisory board

Turid Solvang

Advisory board

Saskia van Uffelen

Advisory board